Unit 50 / 168 Calder Vale Ind Est Horbury Junction
Wakefield. WF4 5ER  Tel: 07940 976945

Wakefield Sandblasting

Off Parklands Mews, Horbury Goods Yard
Wakefield, WF4 5NR  Tel:07940 976945

Welcome to our website! We are a sand/ shot blasting business based in Horbury in Wakefield and take pride in our work. We specialise in commercial vehicles, woodwork and outdoor projects but smaller metalwork such as wheels, radiators etc is not a problem for us as we use superfine sand leaving a smooth surface perfect for priming or powder coating. ( We have contacts for powder coating, spraying, galvernising, chroming etc) Over the last 3 years we have blasted tractors to bike frames for many satisfied customers. We have also blasted many pubs, a church, a railway station and an old cinema featuring on grand designs next year. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us either through an email in our 'contact us' page or on 07940976945.

Commercial Wheels Metalwork Catering Outdoor Contact Wood 

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